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Featuring interviews with our friends and favorite people. We share success stories and wild details about the real estate business in the 2020's.

Feb 9, 2021

Season 2: Episode 11 with @alantere CEO + Founder Susana Murphy. Her boutique agency on the #southshore is thriving after quickly pivoting to new virtual strategies and getting comfortable with with being uncomfortable. 🎥 Also known as "one of the best Realtors in the South Shore market" Susana brings her passion, systems and company's mission of "moving forward" to her clients everyday. Originally from Spain, this Mompreneur also shares some expert reflections on how the European housing market is very different than in the US. To hear more from Susana, including how she is building rewarding careers in real estate for her team, Subscribe/Listen in. #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #alantere #servicevssales #closewithtouchstone