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Featuring interviews with our friends and favorite people. We share success stories and wild details about the real estate business in the 2020's.

Nov 10, 2021

Season 3: Episode 5 🎧 featuring @alexandrabiega of the @biegakilgoreteam for Compass. Alex is a Top Producer and Principal for the #1 Compass Team for transactions in Boston - 2021 Year to Date. 🔥 She takes us through her journey of how she got here, how she dominates on social media and how she and co-principal @robertdkilgore compliment each other really well.

Her sweet spot is working with millennials and empty nesters in Boston's hottest neighborhoods. As the oldest of four brothers she's been a leader her whole life. She's not afraid to take risks, is incredibly driven and wakes up each day looking for ways to be better but first - get the workout in. 💪

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