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Featuring interviews with our friends and favorite people. We share success stories and wild details about the real estate business in the 2020's.

Nov 24, 2020

Featuring Founder of Boutique real estate firm Newbrook Realty Group, Project Manager ( & daughter) of Cindy Stumpo as well as co-host of Tough as Nails on HGTV, WBZ radio 1030: Samantha Stumpo (@SamanthaStumpo). Having experienced people being matched with their ideal home her whole life its no wonder Samantha credits her mom (who is also one of the World's Top Female Builders)  as the smartest person she knows. Samantha's approach to marketing + media  is to "always think outside the box and be one step ahead of what's coming - just like how we build houses."

With a mission to build a brand that is different than anyone else, Samantha is paving a name all on her own while making her mom very proud along the way.