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Featuring interviews with our friends and favorite people. We share success stories and wild details about the real estate business in the 2020's.

May 23, 2023

#TouchstoneShowcase Season 4, Episode 6 showcasing Final Offer. Led by Co-CEO's Kevin Caulfield and Tim Quirk, this Boston-based tech company and online platform is revolutionizing the industry. We talk about how Final Offer came to be and how it is re defining the standard of transparency in real estate...

May 3, 2023

#TouchstoneShowcase Season 4, Episode 5 featuring another mother/daughter duo... Dolores and Rachel Person of Person + Person Group. 
When Dolores entered the industry she thought it would be temporary and she fell in love with all of it including the highs & lows of the industry. Rachel's journey started with attending...